The PC-LINE STUDIO LTD was founded in 1997. Our main fields of activity were education of information technology, IT commerce and other IT services.

In 2002 the main fields of activities were extended by logistic, forwarding and financial services.

Since 2007 we deal with foreign trade as well.

We have connection with firms inside and outside the European Union like Austria, Germany, Singapore and Taiwan. We deal with the commerce of several electronic devices.

We undertake:

  •  The Hungarian representation of firms from inside or outside the European Union

  • Foundation of joint ventures

  • Distribution or retail in Hungary

  • Quest for potential partners

  • Organization of business talks

  • Conduction of logistic services (forwarding, customs clearing, warehousing etc.)

  • Information gathering, market research, conduction of marketing campaigns

  • Market penetration to the Hungarian and Eastern-European (Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Slovakian etc.) markets.

 For further information, please do no hesitate to contact us at info@pcline.hu or
at 1576 Budapest, P. BOX 13.